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On Monday, April 28, at 6:00 p.m., Gauer’s scholars, staff, and parents will have an opportunity to share what makes our Dream School so special. The presentation will take place at the Anaheim City School District Office at 1001 S. East Street, Anaheim. The focus will be on our infusion of the VIA Character Strengths into all that we do, as well as the provision of enrichment activities, including visual/performing arts during the school day and after school. We will also debut an inspirational video, which features interviews of many of our scholars regarding their experiences with the visual/performing arts experts and classes. The classes were newly added this school year because of the $20,000 Institute for Teaching (IFT) Grant we received.

While we believe mastery of traditional academic skills and concepts is essential for our scholars’ futures, a curriculum devoid of visual/performing arts and other forms of enrichment can result in disengagement. That is why we offer art, computer programming, chorus, dance, instrumental music, leadership, and various athletic programs. We believe it is important to provide our scholars with a variety of learning experiences so they can discover their interests, which can then become their talents and strengths. It is part of a strength-based approach to teaching and learning so each person can work from his/her strengths and become even stronger. This approach results in a higher level of engagement for all scholars. We believe in the following formula for helping our scholars thrive and become well-rounded individuals:





Your presence, as well as the presence of your children, will demonstrate to the district’s Cabinet and School Board that we are unified in our vision for Gauer’s scholars. We want to continue to provide our scholars with a safe, joyful, and intellectually stimulating environment so they can thrive. With GAUER POWER (i.e., strong attendance at this presentation), we have a greater probability of not only sustaining what we have become as a school community, but also continuing our growth toward providing each scholar with the school environment and curriculum that will match his/her unique interests and talents.

Directions to the District Office from our school are provided below. Of course, there are many ways to get to the location, but I am offering one that does not involve freeways. We look forward to your presence at this presentation! It should last approximately 20 minutes.


  • East (right) on La Palma Ave.

  • South (right) on East Street

  • District Office is on the right side between E. Vermont Ave. and W. Ball Rd.

  • 1001 S. East Street, Anaheim

  • School Board Meeting is in Building B (back building)




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